Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Quick post just to put up a few pictures - we're rehearsing all weekend for our concert on Monday (tickets at the Carnegie Hall website), pretty exciting stuff going on! I feel like we say this every time, but it is really amazing to see everything coming together after months of anticipation and preparation.It is amazing watching this orchestra shift from piece to piece. First a Chinese folk singer, then a jazz pianist riffing on 'Now's the Time' and finishing off the day qith a work dedicated to the traditions of the Navajo Indians. No rest for ACO musicians and never a dull moment...

Conductor Stefan Lano rehearsing with Huang Ruo and the orchestra

Percussionist Jonathan Haas rehearses Huang Ruo's Leaving Sao

Stefan Lano and pianist Donal Fox rehearse Peace Out

Donal Fox and Creative Advisor Derek Bermel