Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 ACO Underwood New Music Reading Composer Videos

We have been posting the blogs from the 2011 ACO Underwood New Music Readings posted on, but nothing is better than video. Here are some comments from all the composers captured on video during the first day of the readings.

Before & After: Hear What One Composer Says About His Experience with the Underwood New Music Reading

"This last week has been a busy one, so it wasn't until this morning (Thursday) that it hit me that the Readings were just around the corner! Coming up on the train from Philly tonight, it occurred to me that I'll most likely hear my piece tomorrow without ever having gone over it with ACO's Music Director George Manahan, and though it might seem a little counterintuitive, I kind of like that idea.", Composer Michael Djupstrom wrote in his blog on Read more from composer Michael Djupstrom about his experience with the 2011 ACO Underwood New Music Reading.

Underwood New Music & Jazz Composers Institute Readings

From June 3-7, 2011, ACO presented a series of readings of new orchestral compositions. Beginning with the Underwood New Music Reading, featuring works by six composers (Friday & Saturday) followed by the Jazz Composers Institute Reading, featuring eight composers' works (Sunday & Monday). Hear the JCOI readings origin story from George E. Lewis and hear what UNM Readings composer, Kate Soper, has to say about her experience.