Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scores scores scores...

One of the most incredible things about opening up a call for scores is that you realize how many composers there really are out there. Unlike singers, performers, actors (some of whom are also composers...) the act of composition happens almost entirely behind closed doors and in solitude. When ACO, or EarShot, sends out the word that they are accepting submissions for a reading the response never fails to surprise. My phone starts ringing constantly with people calling from every state and towns I've never even heard of. There are composers everywhere.
It brings to mind a concert I went to a year or so ago which featured Tania Leon conducting the Chicago Sinfonietta. The idea was for her to lead the group in a survey of women composers. She did one better and focused on living women composers. Between pieces she talked to the audience in her typically casual and inviting way. One thing she said struck me then, and seems even truer now that I'm receiving scores for these orchestra readings: "Composers are everywhere," she said. "They are your mailman, your accountant, and your next door neighbor."
Without being too dreamy-eyed about it, as I look over the stacks and stacks of scores that are sitting on the floor in my office it is both surprising and encouraging to know that there are so many people working with such dilligence and craft on new music for the orchestra. Teaching an old dog new tricks.
-John Glover, Ops Manager

1. some of the scores submitted for the Colorado EarShot Readings in my office.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memphis in Lisbon?

It is now more than two weeks since our Memphis readings and almost everyday I receive an email from someone that was part of that incredible experience!

Now in Lisbon, I met with my fellow-Memphis-colleague Patrício da Silva for a dinner the other day. Have to say, I started missing the group! So, I came back to the blog and read all the notes from all of us. And then I realized something was missing from my entry!!!
I did not say goodbye to Linda Golding and (my fault) the names of Michael Geller and John Glover were not present on my previous entry...SORRYYYYYY!!! (I thought I had put them there...)

So, dear Michael Geller, John Glover and Linda Golding, I send you a big THANK YOU for all your support and very kind words! It was a pleasure to meet you.

From Lisbon with love,
Andreia Pinto-Correia